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The Brothers are Back for Season 2

The Brothers are back! Elfworldstudios officially began production on Season Two of The Adventures of Brothers & Behr. With the production of season two in the works, Elfworldstudios is now in the process of looking for new voices and unique personalities to populate the world of Brothers & Behr. Auditions open August 12th & close out October 15th We can’t reveal too much about what’s to come but if you are interested in playing a role in “The Adventures of Brothers & Behr” CLICK HERE to set an audition date and get all the information you need about the characters of Season 2. In Season One Elfworldstudios was proud to bring on Rapper/Artist Dion “SpacedOutFly” Hamilton who plays the role of (Flynt) in Epi. 002 “Time Flys” and Music Producer “GhettoHippieScum” who plays (Three Eyed Steve) in Epi. 005 “9-500 Large” along with David Walker & Anaiya Walker, Father and Little Sister of Elfworldstudios creator Ahmad Walker who play (Uncle Leroy/88) & (Shawne B). With 5 episodes currently in development for the second season there is no doubt a ton of new characters will be introduced throughout the show. Sign up HERE if you’d like to audition for your Chance to play a Role. Be sure to watch all of Season One now

ELFWORLDSTUDIOS Is Seeking Local Brands to feature in Our Stop-Motion Universe

Elfworldstudios is now offering Artist, Businesses and Brands the opportunity to be featured inside episodes of Brothers & Behr as well as other shows, shorts and that are coming to Elfworldstudios.  Giving Artists and/or Brands the opportunity to showcase themselves as well as their products and services without taking on the cost of a full length Stop-motion Ad. Placing you or your product directly in front of ELFWORLDSTUDIOS viewers both directly and indirectly. With 4 Tiers to choose from you can decide how you’d like to be seen.  LEVEL 1: Indirectly  Via: Signage and/or product in plain view LEVEL 2: (In)Directly - You or your product is in plain view and being used and/or heard in the Background  Via: Live action Commercial or Radio Advertisement.  LEVEL 3: Directly - You and/or your Product is in plain view while being used,heard or mentioned.  Via: Language, Usage & Visuals LEVEL 4: Directly - You and/or your Product is Directly mentioned while using purchasing and/or seeking more of. Making a direct connection to your website or storefront.  Via: Extended Dialogue, Usage & Visuals  CLICK HERE To View Pricing for each Tier. There is no Time Limit, but there is a Limited number of slots available for each Tier and selection is one a “First Come, First Serve” basis.  If you are an Artist or Own a Brand but still hesitant about signing up to be featured in Elfworldstudios StopMotion Universe, here are some of the benefits of both Direct and Indirect product placement in Movies & Television written by Microsoft AI  ​ Product placement is a marketing strategy that has been used in movies and television shows for decades. It is a way for brands to get their products in front of viewers without being too intrusive. There are several benefits to product placement in television shows. ​ Advertising has been part of the movie and television viewing experience from the very beginning. When done correctly, it enhances the viewing experience. It increases the profit margins for film companies. It creates a greater awareness for the brands that is positively associated with a good movie. ​ Product placement is one of the most organic ways to grab attention and increase brand awareness. By integrating products, brands can capture attention without distracting from the entertainment. Consumers can’t swipe away or block and usually don’t fast forward product placements. This is why it’s one of the most organic and influential ways to reach consumers in 2023.  ​ Advantages of product placement include increased brand awareness, cost-effective marketing strategy, building reputation, demonstrating how a brand’s products can be used in real-life, becoming viral and circulating in the information space for a long time, visibility, brand awareness in-perpetuity, attentive audience, positive affinity, leveraging the influence of entertainment and being scalable worldwide. ​ Product placement is effective because it enables the audience to develop a stronger connection with the brand in a more natural way, rather than being directly marketed to. It can help boost sales, build brand awareness, and engender brand goodwill.

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