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ELFWorldStudios is a Stop-Motion Animation production company Based in San Francisco, Ca. Through its History, Music, Art & Films The Bay Area has always been the Source and HomeBase    for Monumental Movements and Influence. ELFWorldStudios is proud to be adding to that Rich Creative History. As we continuously develop our craft and push our boundaries as students of Film & Animation, we are dedicated to producing quality Entertainment through 2D & Stop-Motion Animation along with unique and original stories for everyone to enjoy. 

We don't just Create Cartoons, 

We Create Culture.

Lyfe in a Strangeland

What We Do

While ELFWorldStudios is geared towards Creating Quality Entertainment through Stop-Motion and 2D Animation for people of all ages, with Tv Shows like "The Adventures of Brothers & Behr" and other Shows soon to come. We are also a Company that Creates Advertisements, Music Videos, Stop-Motion Special Effects and other forms Visuals for Other Artist, Brands & Businesses.

Providing our knowledge of animation to those who seek to create original content.

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The ELF Himself


Ahmad Walker Artist & Animator has always had a passion for creating unique characters and stories all his life. After being exposed to the Art of Animation at the age of 12 he's had his sights on becoming one of the leading forcing in Animation and Television. Inspired by some of the world top Animators, Directors and Storytellers like George Lucas, Robert Townsend, Genndy Tartakovsky, Aaron Mcgruder and many other who have contributed to the Art of Animation, Television & Film. While Ahmad Walker's main focus is Animation & Film he considers himself a versatile artist having experience with a wide variety of mediums like Sculpting, Painting, Carving, Graphic Design, Illustration, Clothing Design & More.
Ahmad Walker is continuously pushing the boundaries of his Imagination and creating without limitations. 

For More Information or to Check out Ahmad Walker's personal portfolio go to TheAlmightyFamily.Com or CLICK HERE

Ahmad Walker
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