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ELFWorldStudios is a Stop-Motion Animation production company Based in San Francisco, Ca. Through its History, Music, Art & Films The Bay Area has always been the Source and HomeBase    for Monumental Movements and Influence. ELFWorldStudios is proud to be adding to that Rich Creative History. As we continuously develop our craft and push our boundaries as students of Film & Animation, we are dedicated to producing quality Entertainment through 2D & Stop-Motion Animation along with unique and original stories for everyone to enjoy. 

We don't just Create Cartoons, 

We Create Culture.

The Adventures of Brothers & Behr

What We Do

The Adventures of Brothers & Behr

While ELFWorldStudios is geared towards Creating Quality Entertainment through Stop-Motion and 2D Animation for people of all ages, with Tv Shows like "The Adventures of Brothers & Behr" and other Shows soon to come. We are also a Company that Creates Advertisements, Music Videos, Stop-Motion Special Effects and other forms Visuals for Other Artist, Brands & Businesses.

While our Specialty is Animation, we are not just an Animation company.

We provide a variety of different services. We've created Graphic Designs, Logos, Mixtapes & Album covers, Prints, Films, Photography etc. for Several Businesses and Artist throughout The Bay Area, Ca. Along with creating tons of customized items such as Shoes, Hats, Medallions, Paintings & Sculptures for people to be enjoyed in their homes.

ELFWorldStudios loves to provide quality Art for Branding building and merchandising. 

Work with  Us

For Brands looking to Work with ELFWorldStudios to produce Art & Animations for Advertisement, Apparel (Tshirts, Hoodies, Hats) Music Videos, Photography, Film etc. We are open to any and every idea, giving you the option of mixing 2D Animation, Stop-Motion or even Live Action there is no limit to the number of Things we can do Together.

Got the Idea/Vision but can't seem to fill in the blanks?

No Problem, we will work very close with you providing Director Services and/or Art Direction to ensure Creativity & Originality to see that your Vision comes to Life.

For Artist Looking to Work on Art & Animation with us and become a member of our staff, there is always a ton of work that needs to be done at The Studios. Whether it's Graphics, Props, Puppet Fabrication, Set Design/Concepts, Character Design, Sound Effects, Music, Mold Making etc. There is always a place for Dedicated Artist who wish to explore new ventures and mediums.

No Experience? No Problem here at ELFWorldStudios we will walk you through our Process of Creation in the Field(s) of your Skill Set or Interest, giving you all the tools you need to Excel at Producing Creative Works of Art with ELFWorldStudios and for Yourself.

The Adventures of Brothers & Behr
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