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The Brothers are Back for Season 2

The Brothers are back! ELFWORLDSTUDIOS officially began production on Season Two of The Adventures of Brothers & Behr.
With the production of Season Two in the works, ELFWORLDSTUDIOS is now in the process of looking for new voices and unique personalities to populate the world of Brothers & Behr. Auditions open August 12th & close out October 15th

We can’t reveal too much about what’s to come but if you are interested in playing a role in “The Adventures of Brothers & Behr” CLICK HERE to set an audition date and get all the information you need about the characters of Season 2.

In Season One ELFWORLDSTUDIOS was proud to bring on Rapper/Artist Dion “SpacedOutFly” Hamilton who plays the role of (Flynt) in Epi. 002 “Time Flys” and Music Producer “GhettoHippieScum” who plays (Three Eyed Steve) in Epi. 005 “9-500 Large” along with David Walker & Anaiya Walker, Father and Little Sister of ELFWORLDSTUDIOS creator Ahmad Walker who play (Uncle Leroy/88) & (Shawne B).

With 5 episodes currently in development for the second season there will be a ton of new characters introduced throughout the show. Sign up HERE if you’d like to audition for your Chance to play a Role. 

Be sure to watch all of Season One now

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