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Commissions Rates

$1,200 for 2 Minutes 

$3,000 for 4 Minutes 

$5,000 for 5 Minutes 

$8,000 for 7 Minutes 


 These prices include:

•1-2 Personalized Character Builds

(Background characters will be provided on a as needed basis) 

•Green Screen Background w/ Foreground Props

•Full Sound Effects and/or Lip-sync audio 

•Title Cards & Credits

•Art Direction & Storyline Editing


Additional Pricing: 

+$100 per Character Build

+$50 per Outfit Change 

+$150-$500 per Built out Set (Both Interior & Exterior) 


Post Production Pricing:

+$125 per Re-Edit & Re-Render (Clip Placement and Story Changes)

+$200-$500 per Reshoot and/or Added Scene 


Keep in mind that every project is different, so the pricing for your project may vary based on Creative Complexity, Project Timeline, Storyline details and the overall difficulty of the project and/or production. 

 The prices can be broken down into installments at Production stages

•Deposit of Half (50%) of Estimated Project Cost

•Story Development 

•Character Builds

•Set Builds 


•Post Production 


Stages May Vary based on the Project. 


Final Payment is Due before Final Production is Packaged and Delivered.


Before contacting ELFWORLDSTUDIOS it’s best to have your idea thoroughly thought out into a general concept making it easier for ELFWORLDSTUDIOSStaff and StoryBoard team to bring your Vision to life. 


To Download a PDF of our rates, CLICK HERE or For more information about Commission Rates, Story Development and Project Requirements Contact or if you just have questions about ELFWORLDSTUDIOS Animation Services 

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